2015 CrossFit Open Challenge and Recap

So it's been a month since the Open ended, and it already feels like a lifetime ago. But that doesn't mean our fitness has decreased at all. Here's your chance to prove you've already improved your fitness skills. The rules:

  1. Who? - Anyone who completed a CrossFit Open workout (any of the workouts from Week 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) can enter
  2. When? - If you're interested, you can try a workout again during Open Gym time Sunday 5/17 from 10AM - 12PM. If the Open Gym time doesn't work for you and you want to try a workout again, just contact me (marcus dot lowther at gmail dot com). The last day to submit an updated time is Monday 5/18.
  3. Scoring - the person who completes a workout with the most increase in places will win a headband and a $50 giftcard to Reebok CrossFit. Even if you didn't join the Open officially, we will see where your original score placed you in the workout rankings for a given week and then where your updated score would have placed you. This means if you did a scaled version of the workout and then achieve an Rx version, you will move up a lot in places. In addition, if you already had a good score but then break through a plateau of reps (like getting to an additional round) in the updated score, you'll also move up a lot in places.
  4. Records - Just write your original score and your updated score on the whiteboard at the back of the gym.

Good luck! Check out the gallery of photos from the 2015 Open on Facebook!