Friday WOD 10/24/14

Reminder - Grill-out tonight! After 5:30PM class

Reminder - Blood and Guts Run Tomorrow at 12:30PM Join our team and use this code for a discount: tysonscrossfit50

Partner "Almost-Cindy" vs. "Mary"

10 2-minute rounds of:


5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 sit-ups

Row for calories


5 Handstand push-ups

10 Single Leg Squats

15 Pull-Ups

Max double-unders/ DU attempts- singles don't count

Rest 1 minute per round

Switch each round. Keep running tally of calories and Double Unders

Total workout time is 20 minutes (5 rounds of each per person), 30 minutes total including rest


After 90 seconds move to erg or DUs wherever you are. Next round starts where you left off.

HSPU - put feet or knees on box or bench to scale movement

Pistols - use ball or box to determine depth of squat or counterweight. Pistols can also be done standing on a box



    Wednesday WOD 10/22/14

    Skill: Strict Toes to Bar

    165-lb. hang squat cleans (60% 1RM), 1 minute
    Rest 3 minutes
    185-lb. hang squat cleans (70% 1RM), 1 minute
    Rest 3 minutes
    205-lb. hang squat cleans (85% 1RM), 1 minute
    Rest 3 minutes
    165-lb. hang squat cleans (60% 1RM), 1 minute
    Rest 3 minutes
    185-lb. squat cleans (70% 1RM), 1 minute
    Rest 3 minutes
    205-lb. squat cleans (80% 1RM), 1 minute


    Friday WOD 10/17/14

    Partner 6k

    CF1 & CF2: Run 1 Mile
    CF1: Run 800m/CF2 9 tire flips
    CF2: Run 800m/CF1 9 tire flips
    CF1: Run 400m/CF2 6 tire flips
    CF2: Run 400m/CF1 6 tire flips
    CF1: Run 200m/CF2 3 tire flips
    CF2: Run 200m/CF1 3 tire flips
    CF1: Run 100m
    CF2: Run 100m

    CF1 and CF2 complete 1st mile run at same time. CF1 immediately starts 800m run once returning while CF2 completes tire flips. Next run cannot begin until tire flips are completed and partner has returned.

    Monday WOD 10/13/14

    Above picture courtesy of Crystal - no more ledge to get in the way of wall balls and a bunch more space. The remodel is ongoing, but classes will be able to use the gym as normal throughout the process.

    AMRAP 20 minutes:

    10 burpee pull-ups
    30 walking lunges
    60 seconds of handstand hold*

    *This is an advanced movement. If you cannot hold for 60 seconds against a wall, substitute the following, alternating between movements each round:

    3 wall walk-ups - hold handstand for 5 seconds at top - alternates with - 
    40 seconds of hollow rocks

    Compare to mainsite

    Friday WOD 10/10/14

    Partner "Kevin"

    3 rounds for time of:

    40 deadlift* (185/125), AR: Hold deadlift

    40 hanging hip touches, alternating arms, AR: Side plank

    800m farmer carry  running OK (2 x 20/15 lb. dumbbell per team), trade dumbbells between partners

    Divide movements between partners

    AR = Active Rest - one CF must be holding AR at all times

    *scale appropriately - DL must not be more than 60% of 1RM (i.e. DL 1RM needs to be over 300/200 for Rx)