CFTC Holiday Party and Evil Santa Gift Exchange Friday 12/19/2014

Please feel free to bring any family and friends. Anyone can bring their favorite dish and drink as well.
If you'd like to participate in Evil Santa please bring a gift that's no more than a $10 value.

We look forward to celebrating with all of you on 12/19!

Wednesday 12/17/14

12 Pains of Christmas  

1 push jerk (95/55) 
2 shoulder presses 
3 push presses 
4 knees to elbows 
5 burpees 
6 dead hang chinups
7 sumo deadlift high pulls 
8 wall balls (20/14) 
9 ring dips 
10 thrusters*
11 v-ups 
12 box jumps (24/20)

starting with the push jerk,  complete assigned reps for  each exercise and the ones above
it. e.g.: 1 push jerk 2 shoulder  presses, 1 push jerk 3 push  presses, 2 shoulder presses, 
1 push jerk 4 KTEs, 3 push presses, 2 shoulder presses, 1 push jerk ... and so on

*For those that did Fran on Monday, do 10 power snatches (95/55). also, go light if your shoulders are already sore.

Monday WOD 12/15/14

Skill: Pistols, weighted if possible

Warm-up sets: 5L/5R - 5 - 5
Work sets:  7L/7R - 7 - 7


Pick a card. Good luck!

Saturday WOD 12/6/14

Back Squats
3 - 3 - 3
Note that there will be 1RM attempt for BS on Thursday

6 Rounds for time: 
20 Partner Med Ball Squat Tosses* (20/14)
20 Partner Med Ball Sit-Up Toss 
Partner A 200m Run with Med Ball
Partner B 200m Run with Med Ball

Partners stand 5 yards away. Athlete A has the med ball, performs a med ball squat, then on the way up, tosses

Med-ball sit-up toss

Runs are completed one at a time (i.e. one ball per team)

Tuesday WOD 12/2/14

With a Continuous Clock Perform 5 Thrusters EMOM for 12 minutes:

Minutes 0-4 use 55/45
Minutes 5-8 use 75/60
Minutes 9-12 95/75
Minutes 13-16 115/90
Continue adding 20/15 pounds every 4 minutes

Choose starting point depending on your ability level

20 DB Power Cleans (45/30 each hand)
40 Air Squats
200m Run
15 DB Power Cleans
30 Air Squats
200m Run
10 DB Power Cleans
20 Air Squats
200m Run