CFTC Nutrition Challenge

Congrats everyone for signing up! The hard part is over, just 45 days to go. The contents of this email are also available on the blog and will be printed on a flyer in the gym.



Day 1: Monday, 16 November

Day 23 (halfway): Tuesday, 8 December

Day 45: Wednesday, 30 December


Teams - come up with a team name!

Teams are comprised of a mix of people among morning, noon and afternoon classes. Get to know your gym community! Each team has a captain - Crystal, Nick or Dennis and teams are eligible for 20 bonus points by having a group dinner. Take a picture proving the team dinner and share with myself or in the chat group. The group dinner can be as simple as going to a restaurant together and getting paleo options or organizing a potluck.


Team Crystal (8 ppl) - Crystal Eden, Dani Jobin, Mitch Kimsey, Jose Alvarez, Cintia Flores, Bobby Trimble, Micaela Calderon, Amish Mody

Team Dennis (8 ppl)  - Dennis Tharp, Juan Rodas, Manu Moeller, Magdi Amin, Meg McMahon, Jon Torres, Josh Brady, Stephanie Allard

Team Nick (7 ppl)  - Nick Abbott, Stephen McDermott, Carl Berntsen, Lucy Chow, Sarah Webster, Jane Severn, Marcus Lowther


Advanced or Novice

Anyone can switch categories at any point during the challenge. Novice is eligible for 6 points, advanced is eligible for 9 points. Teams have an even mix of each group according to the initial sign up.


Novice means you adhere to the basic rules of the challenge. We realize getting these 6 points every day for 45 days will be tough, but if you have to have an easier option, stick to the rules in the order they are listed (highest priority first in Scoring section).


Advanced means you are willing to measure your food, sticking to ratios outlined in the Zone meal plan or Renaissance Periodization (RP). RP is built on a foundation of peer-reviewed literature and experimentally-confirmed theory to nutrition and training, growing in popularity to CF athletes. Coach Crystal and Marcus will be following this method, and Coach Kori followed it for 3 months this summer with great success. Templates are available here ($99).


Beginning Info

Take Measurements - 10 points for start and end - provided via email form or enter today

This is an important baseline.  If you have a friend who can help you measure, it might be easier. Here’s what we need:

Neck - Neck at Adam’s apple for men, neck at mid point for women.

Chest - Circumference of chest at nipple height.

Waist - Waist at belly button.

Hips at widest point. That certainly includes your glutes.

Right bicep - halfway between shoulder and elbow

Right thigh - six inches above the top of the knee


Take 3 photos of yourself:  front, back, and right side (profile) - 5 points

These photos do not need to be sent in. It will be your decision at the end of the challenge if you want to share before and after results.

Men: Shorts, no shirt.

Ladies: Close fitting shirt or sports bra and shorts.

Be sure to put those clothes away in a safe place: you will need them for the ‘after shots’ and yes, they must be EXACTLY the same clothes, same lighting, same room. 


Scoring and Leaderboard

A daily email will be sent with a very simple form to enter your score each day. If you miss the email, you can always bookmark this link. Please make sure does not get put in the spam folder. Leader.



No sugars -1 point

No soy/legumes/beans/breads/pastas/wheats or grains - 1 point

Drink water (number of ounces = body weight / 3) - 1 point

No dairy - 1 point

Workout or mobility (at least 15 minutes on rest day) completed - 1 point

No alcohol - 1 point



Zone or RPratios followed - 3 points



A prize will be awarded to the top team for points/spirit of the competition and top individual. CFTC will determine the winners from a mixture of point score, team community, and results. Obviously the higher point totals the better, but this challenge is meant to be fun, not cutthroat. i.e. if your team's strategy is to add splenda packets to other people's water while they're not looking, you probably won't win a prize.



The challenge will be difficult - especially sticking to it for the first 2 weeks (lower carb withdrawals) and planning around the holidays. Since the majority of the people in this challenge are using a google account, everyone on this email has been added to a google hangout/chat where you can share frustrations, upload meal pictures (we may use these for social media), or talk about how amazing you feel. If you have another challenge of a means of communicating, let me know. I admit the group emails on the last challenge were helpful but became a little too much.


Cheat Days!

Cheats  - You will be allowed 1 cheat meal/week.  1 cheat meal still applies to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cheats do not count against scoring. A "meal" is not a 6 hour feasting window, just fyi. Limit your definition of a meal to last no more than 1 hour for non-holidays and 3 hours for holidays.You will be allowed 1 to have tequila, red wine, or cider with an additional 1 meal per week.  The amount of alcohol is up to you….lushes. 


Meal Planning

Two week paleo shopping list

Zone grocery list


Benchmark Workouts

If you cannot make the workout this Monday, please contact your team captain to make it up this week or next week. Everyone doing the challenge must record all workouts they complete and scaling options/weights used in Wodify for the duration of the challenge.


Coach nutrition critique

Did you know you can enter nutrition info in Wodify via the app or in the gym? If you ever want a review of what you've eaten during the day, your team captain is now your nutrition reviewer. This video explains a little more. This is not mandatory, but an additional easy feature to coordinate with your team.



Mark's Daily Apple - great community and place to search for answers like "How many eggs are too many?" or "BCAAs and fasting?"

Emily Schromm / Unleased Fitness - good videos on nutrition basics like macronutrients and water

CrossFit Zone Article

CrossFit Zone Meal Plan

Zone Basics

Your coaches - talk to us! We're here to help. Although she's not doing the challenge formally, Kori is one of the most knowledgeable coaches we have when it comes to nutrition.

Enter The Zone: A Dietary Road Map by Dr. Barry Sears

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf