Workouts Of the Day/Blog

Saturday WOD

Lift of Choice

Team WOD!

As many stations in possible in 20 minutes

Station 1: 100 KB Swings

Station 2: 33 Burpees

Station 3: 100 Squats

Station 4: 100 Push-Ups

Station 5: 48 Lateral Jumps

Teams of 3 - all teammates work at once, until reaching the assigned number as a combined team. If one teammate rests, all teammates rest. Move from station to station where one teammate cannot touch the ground (i.e. fireman's carry, 2 partner chair carry or piggy-back for one partner)


Friday WOD

AMRAP 20 Minutes
"Mary" vs. "Stephen"
CF1: "Mary"
5 Handstand Push-Ups (sub: ring push-ups since heavy shoulder week)
10 Single Leg Squats (scale as needed)
10 Chin-ups

CF2: "Stephen"
10 Sit-Ups
10 Back extensions
10 Windshield Wipers (65/45)
10 Good mornings (65/45)

Pacer - 1 complete round of "Mary" while partner cycles through rounds of "Stephen". Count rouns completed as a team.

Monday WOD

"Christmas in July"

12 Pains of Christmas

1 push jerk (95#/55#)

2 shoulder presses

3 push presses

4 knees to elbows

5 burpees

6 dead hang pullups

7 sumo deadlift high pulls

8 wall balls (20#)

9 ring dips

10 thrusters

11 v-ups

12 box jumps

starting with the push jerk, complete assigned reps for each exercise and the ones above it. 

Friday wod

1000m Row (switch every 250m, one partner complete rest)

80 Dumbbell Man-Makers (35/20)

1000m Row (switch every 250m, one partner complete rest)

One CF works while the other does active rest. Active rest is any of the following: flutter kicks, hollow position hold, or plank  Record weights, time and number of man-makers completed