Open Gym Sundays in March 10AM - 12PM

Open Gym confirmed for Sundays in March 10AM - 12PM.

For the next four weeks, CrossFit Tysons Corner will hold an open gym time. Open gym is when the gym is available for you to work on whatever you'd like - a skill, a WOD you've been meaning to try out, or anything else. At least one coach will be available to open and close the gym and answer any questions during the open gym time. This is also a good chance to make up one of the CrossFit Open workouts.

CrossFit Open Week 1 - 15.1: Done & Done


Week 1 of the CrossFit Open is in the books. CFTC has a balanced team this year with 4 girls and 6 guys submitting scores for the first workout across morning, noon and evening classes. Welcome to Omar, Grant, Kori, Lucy, Crystal and Meg for your first official Open as part of CFTC Blitz!

Although we didn't have a complete Rx team for this first workout, we're still sitting in the middle of the team standings for our region, anchored by strong performances by Josh with 168 reps (into the 6th round) on 15.1 and Stan with a clean and jerk of 245 poinds on 15.1A. But... it was Kori who stole the show in terms of rankings, sitting in the top 15% of the region after week 1. 

What will 15.2 bring? We'll have to wait and see, but don't be surprised to see some wall balls and handstands in your future...

CFTC Blitz - a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort on any workout on any given day. Cheer on team members Bill, Colin, Crystal, Grant, Josh, Kori, Lucy, Marcus, Meg, Omar, and Stan as they complete the next workout this Friday along with the rest of the unofficial team CFTC!

Saturday WOD 2/28/15

Team of 2 (alternate work, split reps evenly):
30 Push ups
30 Power cleans
400m Medicine Ball Run (20/14) *Run as a team, share med ball
40 Pull ups
400m Medicine Ball Run (20/14) *Run as a team, share med ball
60 Box Jumps
60 KB Swings
400m Medicine Ball Run (20/14) *Run as a team, share med ball
80 Ab-mat sit ups
80 Air squats
400m Medicine Ball Run (20/14) *Run as a team, share med ball



Friday WOD 2/20/15

Skill: Pistols
7L/7R - 7 - 7
weighted if posible

DB Thrusters (40/25) (Advanced: 50/35)
with EMOM 10 toes-to-bar

Rules: At the top of every minute, teams will complete 10 T2B. They may break up the reps in any manner. Teams will then have the remaining time of each minute to complete as many DB thrusters as possible. Both partners can work at once during the thrusters.