The journey began on June 5, 2008, which happened to be my 37th birthday. I rolled out of bed on that Thursday morning, and walked to the scale, something I had planned on doing for a few days. I hopped up on the scale and it read 440.0 lbs, I glanced a 2nd time at the scale and it didn’t change. The following words rolled off of the tongue, “This is it, EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT for the next 4 days SLIM, come Monday its time to get healthier”. I was 37 years old and I made a deal with myself, here I am 15 months later and 185lbs lighter, the New Dave. I owe everything to the great staff and members at Cross Fit Tyson’s Corner, too many great people to name, but they have in fact “Changed my Life, if not Saved it”..


Dave Macdonald

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