Paleo Challenge Conclusion

It's official, our month-long Paleo Challenge has ended. The results are in! We measured through performance in a workout — “Fight Gone Bad” — both at the beginning of the challenge and the end. We saw impressive results in just those 30 days….from 10-30% increase in performance, while many of our athletes dropped weight, body fat and gained strength, stamina, agility and more. To all those who participated, I would like to congratulate you on your successes in and out of the gym. Remember, whatever physiological troubles you may come across in the future, the answer/solution almost always is closely related to how and what you eat. It should be no secret by now, if you want to get better and improve your health and CrossFit abilities... just go Paleo. Once again, great job to all participants and I sincerely hope you continue to nurture and establish sound eating habits.

- Andrew
Carl BerntsenComment