Paleo Challenge Day 26

Sorry for the late post and for not posting scores yet this week. I’m still waiting on a couple of teams results.

The last day of the challenge is going to be Sunday July 11th (in terms of tracking points). Team captains, please compile total points and send to me by Tuesday of next week so we can report them on Thursday. Just a few days left of tracking points!!! Remember every point counts and the scoring is very close!!!!

Are you practicing your squat? The doc says 5 minutes every day!!!

Are you getting enough sleep? Primal Blueprint Law… MUST GET SLEEP. ok, the beginning of this video is a bit cheesy for my taste with all the body building isolation movements (dip excluded), but he does a nice job summarizing what happens when you don’t get enough sleep each night.

"Benefits of a Proper Sleep to Gain Muscle"

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