Paleo Challenge Winners!!!

Now for the moment you have ALL been waiting for, the winners of the Summer 2010 CFTC Paleo Challenge:

Jenny McEntire
Carine Krawiec
Matt Shepard
Earl Curtis

Give them a giant CONGRATS when you see them! They win the Nats tickets, 4 "Get Out of Jail Free" passes each (this simply means that when you encounter something you hate, ie Burpees, you can do something else in place of it) and bragging rights! Awesome job guys!

The COACHES' AWARD goes to:

Kristyn Levine

For her enthusiasm, stick-to-it-tiveness, perseverance, and growth. Give her a big CONGRATS as well! She also earned herself 4 "Get Out of Jail Free" passes. 

Finally, thanks again to Jim Murphy for donating the Nats tickets.  You rock, Jim!