PM WOD (Alison)

Hoover Ball!

Hoover Ball is similar to volleyball, but is played with 8 and 10 lb medicine balls. The balls are thrown over a net. If a team allows the balls to touch the floor or the walls, the opposite team earns a point. Points are also awarded if balls go out of bounds. If a ball hits the net, it is an automatic loss. If two balls collide in the air, they are considered dead and no points are given. The first team to score 3 points picks a "punishment" for the losing team in the form of a CrossFit exercise. The winning team completes half of the reps of the exercise they chose for the losing team. 

There is no spiking allowed. 

If you would prefer not to play Hoover Ball, you can do this WOD instead:

AMRAP in 30 minutes of:
250m Bodybag Carry
20 KB swings, 40lb w/ partner plank
250m Overhead Plate Carry, 45/25
20 KB swings, 40lb w/ partner plank
250m Lunge
30 KB swings, 40lb w/ partner plank