Diet Throwdown

Zone vs. Paleo

Alright CFTC, you asked for another diet challenge and you got it. Only this time we're adding a few twists. Many of you wanted to participate but weren't convinced Paleo could cut it. So now you can choose. The second twist? We're going to see who gets stronger and who gains endurance over the 4 weeks- based on their diet.

The way this will work:

Choose the diet ("Team Zone" or "Team Paleo") you want to participate in. Post to comments or on the sign up sheet at the gym on Monday February 7 which one you're joining.

Pick up information on your diet and who is on your team at the gym on Saturday February 5th or Monday February 7th.

Beginning on Monday February 7th:

Start your Diet!

The WOD that Monday will be:

Fight Gone Bad

Tuesday 8th and Thursday 10th:

We will begin a new 4 week linear strength challenge to pair with the diet.

The same lifts will be used (shoulder press, back squat, bench press, deadlift)

Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

*****Use the weight you ended with last week as your baseline for what to surpass. Scale back on your starting weights so you aren't starting where you ended and then plateauing.****

The Challenge will end on Saturday March 6th.

Monday March 7th we will complete the WOD:

Fight Gone Bad

Each team member should tally up their strength gain over the 4 week period and note their FGB scores. The team with the highest percentage of strength gain will win.

The team that wins will not only get bragging rights but a secret prize too! (to be revealed at a later date)

So what's it going to be TEAM ZONE OR TEAM PALEO?!