Wednesday WOD: AM Jon

Partner Row, everyone rows 4 times(Set clock for 45sec work 15sec rest, 8 rounds)
P1: rows for 45 seconds
P2: rests
15 seconds to switch

Team with the most calories picks a short punishment(Max of 20. Ex., 20 dead hang pull ups). Winning team does half, everyone else does full.

Dynamic stretching
Knee to chest, down & back
Push down on knee pull up on ankle, down & back
Elbow to instep, down & back
Overhead lunge w/ a twist, down & back

Partner WOD
AMRAP in 15min(set clock for 1min work, 0 rest, 15 rounds)
P1: box jumps(24” guys/20” girls) until P2 gets back
P2: Waiters walk(DB 1/3 BW*) down & back(switch hands at the wall)
EVERY minute EVERYONE does 3 burpees

Keep a running total of you and your partner’s box jumps

Team with the most box jumps picks whatever punishment they want. Winning team does half, everyone else does full.

*Do not cheat yourself on the DB weight. The waiters walk is not a rest. It is supposed to suck. No whining.
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