Saturday Morning Running Class

The running class this Saturday is cancelled.
Here is a workout you can do on your own:
Warm up: 800m, start with a very slow pace then pick it up every 100m so that by the last 200 you are running about a 400m pace (WOD pace).
Main Set: 4x800m followed by 3x400.
The 400m run will include sprinting for 100m then recovery jog 100m, sprint 100m, recovery jog 100m.
Stretch out.

Saturday April 30th will be a 5km time trial. This is a good chance to assess you running fitness. We will start doing these every 10-12 weeks to assess progress and help people establish running goals. There is no time limit in the race, so if you cannot run the full distance it is okay to slow down and walk.

There will be a warm up, then the run will start at 8:15. The course is to be determined but will likely start on Jones Branch, so there will not be traffic lights to have to deal will. This class will be free of charge.

Carl BerntsenComment