Saturday WOD

Partner Madness
Do each exercise Down 100M and Back
If any equipment touches the ground then restart exercise.
Max distance a single partner can travel is 100M at a time.
Switch as many times as you want.
  • Med Ball Toss (20lbs-12lbs partner holding the ball cannot move forward)
  • Barbell Farmer's Walk ( 2 x 75lbs - 35lbs one partner carries both bars)
  • Buddy Carry (If you have to rest/drop partner then you have to switch partners)
  • KB Waiter's Walk (16kg - 20lbs carry KB overhead bottoms up.  If form/kb falls or need to rest you have to switch partners)
  • Double Under Red light/Green light (1 partner does DU's while the other sprints.  Sprint starts when 1st partner starts the DU attempts and the sprint stops when the 1st partner fails or rests.  Then switch.)