CFTC Team Challenge Update 2!

After much anticipation, the results of the first week of competition are available here.

Remember that the score is based on how you placed in relation to the other participants in your athlete category. First place in the category gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, etc. Your individual point totals are then totaled to form your team's score.  For reference, the top times/scores for each workout in each category are also posted. See how you compare and remember that the majority of the rest of the challenge will be based on percentage improvement in time and the level of modifications necessary.

If someone on your team was absent for a workout (or didn't fill in the time submission form), they received the next lowest place for that workout. For example, if 3 people in the same category completed the WOD, then the 4th and 5th people who missed the WOD both received 4 points (a tie for fourth). So making up the WOD may help, but it won't change the point tallies drastically.

Submit your Scores!: 
It's not too late to submit your times, if you finished the WOD, but have just forgotten

Bonus points to team Double-Under Thunder (Stan, Jane, Jenny, Lauren) for the best (and only) team name! If you come up with a team name, post to comments. Also, Jon T is pretty much running away with the top scores. Master participants, time to step up!

If you have specific questions about the scores, just let me or a coach know!
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