CFTC Team Challenge Final Update!

Updates to the Team Challenge scores can be found here

Congrats to a bunch of people this week!
  • To Konstantin for getting an unassisted Muscle-Up
  • To Meg and Monica for consistent improvement throughout the competition
  • To Jenny A and Kori for the most improvement on "Amanda"
  • To Michelle A and Dan J for the most improvement on "Lumberjack 20"

And the Winner is...
Da Killing Machine!--Devon, Konstantin and Michelle A. The winning effort was a result of each of these team members coming to the gym almost every day a class was offered for the entire month of the team challenge. It goes to show that if you show up (and work hard), you will improve, no question. A few rest days thrown in doesn't hurt either. They've each won a Reebok giftcard and CFTC shirt!

To everyone who participated--awesome job, and special thanks to the 6AM class for being guinea pigs for a lot of these new WODs. We will take your feedback and make future events like this one even better.

Have a great holiday season!