CFTC Team Challenge Update 3!

Updates to the Team Challenge scores can be found here

Congrats to a bunch of people this week:
  • To Lauren B for improving on her "Elizabeth" time by almost 2 and a half minutes since June
  • To all the teams that came up with a team name (Skyfall - this is your week ;) ) - if you still want to submit a team name, send me an email)
  • To Nathan H and Michelle A for having the best individual scores for the week
  • To Team 1 for challenging Team 6 for first place
  • To everyone who's continued to submit their WOD times and scores

What's Left?
There are just 4 WODs left in the team challenge. There will be a Team WOD this Friday (be prepared to run outside). In addition, there are the workouts you completed at the beginning of the challenge to track percentage improvement. The remaining challenge WODs are as follows:

  1. Team Relay WOD (Friday 11/9/12)
  2. "Lumberjack 20" (Monday 11/12/12)
  3. "Amanda" (Wednesday 11/14/12)
  4. "Trinity" Team WOD (Friday 11/16/12)

You're almost there... all of the teams are really close together, so anything can happen. Remember that for the final week, the score is based on how much you've improved, not your team's finishing times. Keep working hard!

Why are we doing this? First- to show awesome you all are, and second for the prizes. The two top teams will win a mix of CFTC t-shirts, gift cards for CrossFit equipment/apparel and more...

For this week, there were two additional WODs: "Elizabeth" and the "Trilogy" lunge relay team WOD. For "Elizabeth," points were awarded based on how fast the workout was completed compared to other athletes in your category (1st plase = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, etc.). In addition, a -1 bonus point was awarded if you knew what your previous "Elizabeth" time was. We want you to remember to write down your workout results, so you can know just how much you're improving (or what you need to work on). The "Trilogy" team WOD score was based on a combination of how fast the workout was completed and how many reps were done. The more intense (reps/time) the workout, the better the placement