100 Days Burpee Challenge

CFTC 100 Days Burpee Challenge- 100DBC
Starts this Monday, December 17th
Ends March 26th, 2013
1. Day 1= 1 burpee, easy! Dec 17th
Day 2= 2 burpees
Day 3= 3 burpees
etc, etc...
Day 50= 50 burpees halfway there! Feb 4th Semi sucks
Day 100= 100 burpees, Mar 26th Super Sucks
2. If you miss a day, you must make up those burpees the next day.
3.  Burpee sets can be broken up throughout the day. They do not have to be done at CFTC.
4. Burpees done during a WOD count toward your burpees for the day, but cannot be carried over to the next day if they exceed your count for the day. Sorry;-)
5.  This is a full pushup burpee, chest and hips must touch the ground, and you must jump high at the end. 
We will follow this Challenge with a Burpee WOD- 7 Min AMRAP with 6 inch over reach jump the week of March 26th, 2013.  Compare to March 28, 2012.
The 100DBC will be completed on the honor system- make your own chart and keep track. 
I will reward one $25 SBUX gift card to each of...
1. The top 3 finishers in the 7min AMRAP Burpee WOD-  you must have completed the 100DBC to be eligible for a prize. *
2. The one 100DBC finisher who does a burpee in the most unique location- You must supply a photo to CFTC of you doing your burpee in a unique place. Be super creative! Photos to be hung at the gym by 3/26/13 for all members to judge. *
 *CFTC members only please.
  (100(1+100))/2=5050 burpees total (for the Nooners who were trying to figure this out;-)
This is a great Challenge to shred your body through this high calorie season: Christmas-St. Pat's
SUP body by Spring,
 Burpees on SUP by summer!
Leave a comment if you are in

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