Monday WOD

Back Squat
7 Rounds...
30 sec traveling KB swings
30 sec Viking KB press R
30 sec Viking KB press L
30 sec Burpee Deck Squats
30 sec rest
Set some goals for 2013. Please share your goals on the Goal Board at the gym. This is a great way to remain accountable with your co-athletes, inspire others, and assist the coaches in training you toward those goals. 
The morning class was chatting up the 1000 pound club- Bench, Squat, Deadlift totals. Set your own Pound Club Goal!
Here is a link to some lifting weight standards as established by Rippetoe, Kilgore and Pendlay. Remember we are all at different athletic levels, training levels, and also keep in mind past/current  injuries. But this chart does give you an idea of how to set some basic goals.  We would love to see more and more of our Lady CrossFitters lifting with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Concerns about bulking? Speak to our coaches or ask our experienced lady athletes who have been dedicated to Olympic Lifting for their personal testimonies. 
We are still in the Burpee Challenge: Day 15. Catch up and Keep it up!
Gym Closed tomorrow. See you all on Wednesday for regular hours.
Be Safe!
Carl BerntsenComment