Thursday WOD

Back Squat
Shoulder Press
Yes you are seeing that right!
It has been a heavy week at CFTC, but you are a CrossFitter and can
handle it.  But we want you to be a smart CrossFitter.
Learn to listen to your body and scale if needed.
That means, if you are not following a 3 on, 1 off workout week, and WODing
4-6 days per week straight, that means there are days you will have to scale.
Even in scaling today's WOD, your body is benefitting from the...
1. Anaerobic workout
2. Increased heart rate
3. ROM
4. Flexibility caused from being loaded
5. Moving. Period.
How to scale?
Take last weeks work sets and scale them to 50-60% for a light day,
or 75% for a moderate day.  Use the extra time for stretching with the bands or rolling out with the grid rollers. 
Hypertrophy (increased muscle size) and increased strength happens during periods of rest, not during periods of Stress (WODing).  If you are plateauing in your WODs, you may have to ask yourself if you are overtraining. 
If you are a CrossFitter for life, you understand how to push yourself- hard!
But also know when to your body needs to rest and recover- now that's a smart CrossFitter.

Carl BerntsenComment