Thursday WOD

Back Squat
Shoulder Press
See the board today and talk to the coach about individualizing your work sets.
And they just keep PRing!  Good job everyone, the PR board is filling with some incredible numbers!
Part of CrossFit's philosophy is this...
"...regularly learn and play new sports"
1.  Congratulations to Devon who passed her Motorcycle Class and is looking forward to burning up some rubber on the track.
2.  Last Saturday a large group of ours participated in a 5K with many of them placing! They made us proud.
3.  SUP season has begun! Get Stoked! Look for updates from Matt for future paddles, he has some really intense and fun classes planned.  If you are considering purchasing a board, Matt is a dealer- ha ha! But really, there are a few of us that want to purchase and it is better if we do it in groups. Contact him for details and pricing as well as what type of board would meet your needs. 
4. There is also a White Water Rafting group forming this summer. Ask Jon Torres for details.   
What are you playing at? Tell us your sport outside of CrossFit.
Some have mentioned the desire to swim which is an excellent life sport.  Let me recommend to you Total Immersion. It was introduced to me by a triathlete friend of mine- she is a CrossFitter as well. It is very movement and balance focused.  If you want to know more, ask Dan Joss, it greatly improved his swim form and conditioning.  Here is the list of coaches or they have DVDs as well. 


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