Tuesday WOD

Front Squat
Bench Press
Ab Complex:
Russian Twists 10
Turkish Twists 10
V-Ups 10
x 3 rounds
In Nutrition News
I have been reading a few articles about nutrition lately, particularly ones pertaining to cancer research, and everything I have read is about the link between sugar and cancer.  Interactive Cancer treatments are geared toward using chemo, radiation, and other alternative treatments such as stress reduction, very specific diet plans, and plenty of rest.  But everything I have read keeps pointing to the reduction of sugar in our diet.  Sugar causes an acidotic state in our system. Cancer cells love acidosis and oxygen, so by decreasing both can throw us into a more alkalotic state, a place where cancer cells do not thrive. Let's see? Exercise decreases our oxidative state- how 'bout those Oly lifts gang?! Anaerobic activity right there! And many of us are exploring the Paleo/Zone diet by removing sugar, grains, and dairy which are attributed to increasing acidosis.
CrossFit + Paleo/Primal/Zone Diet= Cancer Prevention
Again, let's work on "No Sugar" it's a good place to start 
You Can't Out Train Poor Nutrition