Tuesday WOD

Make up Day for the CrossFit Total Summer Challenge
See Monday's WOD
Don't forget to write down your totals and current weight. A photo is helpful.
Week 1 Nutritional Goal: No Sugar, Step 1 in an anti-inflammatory diet
No refined sugars, honey, or agave, or the fake stuff.
Avoid stevia too, it only makes you crave sweets.
No sugar in coffee, and no sugar subs
No soda or diet soda either
Cut out all desserts- except fruit, but not too much
Read labels and cut out foods with added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or other sweeteners.
 Break that sweet tooth!
This should make you feel like crap, but good crap.
When we eat an inflammatory diet, that is one with foods containing a high glycemic index (how quickly the blood sugar is raised after consumption), we set ourselves up for autoimmune disease, aging skin, joint pain, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer, along with digestive and sleep disorders.   
Or if you completed the challenge yesterday...
3 rounds
Power Snatch 95/65
Jump Box 24/20
Thrusters 95/65
Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Rest 1 minute
This is done just like Fight Gone Bad- 1 min/movement

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