Tuesday WOD

Bench Press

2 minute planks x2 with 30 second rest in-between 

Stan hit a fresh new PR in his deadlift-350!

I hear chatter in the gym from members trying new sports, talking up their up-coming races, and looking for ways to improve their speed and strength.  We have a great network of athletes who would be happy to assist you in trying a new sport.  Don't just work out, find an exciting sport to participate in- this will help you set goals, introduce you to new people, and add some excitement to your life.  
Flag football, kickball, Fall 5ks, mountain biking, and SUP races are only a few of the things going on at CFTC.
What's your game?

Kipping Pull-ups
There has been much noise lately about kipping pull-ups. 
Take a look at this article "Why I haven't taught you to kip"

The purpose of a kipping pull-up is to do pull-ups fast. Pull-ups are an exercise of strength, not speed.  
Functional Mobility is everyday mobility and one MUST be able to push and pull their body weight.  We have bands at the gym to assist you in achieving your body weight dead hang pull-up (chest to bar is preferable).  We will also teach you the three hand positions to achieve your pull-ups: Neutral, chin-up (supination), and pronation- the standard pull-up position.  
Make it your goal to achieve one dead-hang (non-kipping) body weight pull-up by the year's end. Then from there go for 5, and so on.  This is an incredible show of strength.
Kipping only comes after you are able to perform dead hangs proficiently, and you must display complete control on a kip. This is for our advanced athletes, who can also bang out about 15 straight dead hangs. But they even know there is a time and place for kipping and most forgo it.

Kipping pull-ups may look cool but as Dan John (co-writer with Paval) states, one must consider LONGEVITY. Yes, you can kip 10 pull-ups in 20 seconds, but will your shoulders remain uninjured by the time you are 30, 40, 50?  Young or newer CrossFitters, dazzled by the glitz of CrossFit often trade  longevity for shallow-poor-form-long-forgotten-PRs.  Fitness is functional mobility for life. Do you want to CrossFit for life? Move for life? Be able to play until you die?  Keep the function in your mobility and you'll be your best for life.

At CFTC anyone can teach you how to kip, but our goal is to teach you how to be strong, really strong. 
You want fast? Then we'll see you on the track.

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