Friday WOD

Partner WOD!

"Michael" vs. "Nate"

AMRAP 24 Minutes

CF1: "Michael"
200m Short Lap Run Backwards
12 Back Extensions
12 Sit-Ups

CF2: "Nate"*
2 Muscle-Ups
4 Handstand Push-Ups
8 KB Swings (71/53)

  • CF2 cycles through movements of "Nate" until CF1 finishes "Michael" exercises, then switch
  • Count total number of rounds for "Nate" and "Michael" per team
  • * For a muscle-up substitute, use bands for assistance or do 5 ring dips one round and 5 pull-ups the next round. Scale Handstand Push-Ups using a box or bench as needed. For the KB Swings - go heavier than you normally would while keeping good form. It's just 8 swings and a chance to move up from the normal (53/35) weights.