Friday WOD 10/17/14

Partner 6k

CF1 & CF2: Run 1 Mile
CF1: Run 800m/CF2 9 tire flips
CF2: Run 800m/CF1 9 tire flips
CF1: Run 400m/CF2 6 tire flips
CF2: Run 400m/CF1 6 tire flips
CF1: Run 200m/CF2 3 tire flips
CF2: Run 200m/CF1 3 tire flips
CF1: Run 100m
CF2: Run 100m

CF1 and CF2 complete 1st mile run at same time. CF1 immediately starts 800m run once returning while CF2 completes tire flips. Next run cannot begin until tire flips are completed and partner has returned.

Marcus Lowther2 Comments