Tuesday WOD

Back Squat

Bench Press

Work toward finding your 1 RM in the next 2 weeks on all lifts. 

Complete the warmup lifts as usual. Use 3 attempts for find your 1RM.

1- Rack up a work set weight you can surely do. Make the attempt.

2- Add a little weight for a new PR. Make the attempt.

3- Now add a little more weight for a 1RM. Make the attempt.

DO NOT SACRIFICE FORM FOR A 1RM! Always be safe, use spotters, or safety rails.  IF the spotter touches the bar at any time the rep does not count.  Spotters may help with lift off during a bench press, but if assists with the lift, the rep will not count.

Record your totals and brag a little in the comments section below!