CrossFit Open Week 3 - 15.3: As Fun as a Wall Ball to the Face

We're more than halfway through this year's CrossFit Open, with another dose of fitness truth in the books. CFTC Blitz took it's second best placing of the 3 weeks anchored by a strong performance by Josh - he is accepting any and all types of bacon as reward. 

Two shout-outs this week: First - congrats to Bill who powered through 6 muscle-ups during the workout, after having a few unsuccessful reps during the middle portion of the fourteen minutes. Bill learned from his mistakes and strung the last 3 muscle-ups together in the last 3 minutes of the workout.

Second - congrats to John of the afternoon class. Even though he's not an official Open participant, he was 14 reps shy of completing the second round Rx, with an even score of 300. All of CFTC is participating in the Open, even if we don't show up on the leaderboard, so congrats to John for the second best score in the gym behind Josh.

Be on the look-out for details of our end-of-Open celebration for 15.5 on Friday March 27! See you on the dance floor.

Marcus LowtherComment