Friday WOD 7/17/15

Bench Press
2 - 2 - 2 - 2 -2

Partner W

Luck of the Draw

Set up one dumbbel per team
(45/30) (Rx+: Weight Vest July)

As Many Cards as Possible
15 Minutes
Clubs: Lateral Jumps (24"/20") (1 jump each side)
Spades: Tire Flips (total on card)
Hearts: Plyo Push-Up
Diamonds: Dumbbell Power Snatch

Every 3:00, run short lap as a team

Partners each perform number of reps on each card

Numbers - face-value reps
Face cards, Aces - 10 reps

Don't forget Grill Out after the last class. 

Bring some food, friends, and drinks to share.