2015 CrossFit Open at CFTC!

Since 2011, the CrossFit Open has been the first step in qualifying to compete in the annual CrossFit Games. At this point in the evolving sport of CrossFit, to make it all the way to the Games is a full-time training commitment, but the CrossFit Open is a great way to see how you stack up against other CrossFitters around the world, whether you've just started or have been at this for a while.

While the priority of CrossFit Tysons Corner is real-life, functional fitness, if you're curious about completing this year's open workouts, we'll be organizing and submitting workout results for anyone interested.  

New this year! - there is a scaled division, as well as an Rx division. With this new format, we will be incorporating the CrossFit Open workouts into the programming for the weeks of February 27 - March 27. Every Friday, beginning Feb. 27, during normal class times, we will complete that week's open workout. 

The CrossFit Open is a fun way to challenge yourself and encourage your fellow gym members. However, if you're still just at the gym for a workout, you still just show up and it will seem like a workout as normal.

If you'd like your scores to count in the broader community, please sign up here before Feb. 20. 

Some info:

  • The CrossFit Open registration has already begun! Sign up here through Feb. 20th. Choose affiliate "CrossFit Tyson's Corner" and sign up for team "CFTC Blitz"
  • The CrossFit Open consists of 5 workouts, completed 1 per week from February 26 - March 30
  • Leading up to the open, if you'd like to do a competition-style WOD (outside of normal programming) to get used to the rules and scoring, send me an email
  • If you cannot make it on Friday, you can coordinate with one of the coaches for an alternate time to complete the workout for that week between Thurs and Mon. The make-up day will most likely be on Sunday.
  • Team scoring - the top scores from the gym will contribute to our overall gym ranking. Girls - we need you! The top 6 scores (3 male/3 female) from the gym will count each week.
  • We need judges! Feel free to go through the additional judges' training once you sign up. Doing so will let you volunteer at other CrossFit regional events and help us out during these 5 weeks. If you complete the training, send me an email
  • If you have no interest in trying your hand at the Open, regular gym programming will continue as normal. We are only organizing so that those interested can submit their scores easily. There will be a few announcements on the blog for those interested in cheering on their gym mates, but gym life will go on as usual otherwise.

Good luck reaching all of those 2015 goals!

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