CFTC 8 Week  Nutrition Challenge

5/21 - 7/15

Change your routine, looks, lifestyle for the better.  This is for everyone.  It doesn't matter your age, experience, or how often you workout.  We are expert coaches that make you better, make sure you move correctly, and tailor each class to you individually.  In addition to engaging group classes, we give you a nutrition strategy to maximize results.  Most classes are time based workouts where you share laughs, make some friends, and make yourself better.  If you’re interested in getting to the next level of your fitness journey, no matter who you are, nutrition will be involved. During the summer, we will be organizing a nutrition challenge, for the first time with body composition analysis before and after the challenge.  Additional details and online resources will be given to those that sign up.

Everybody can do it.  You set your own intensity.  Make a better you in just 8 weeks.

What is involved in the 8 week nutrition challenge?

  • Intro seminar and Body Comp screening: Friday 5/18 or Sunday 5/20 based on participant responses
  • Dates where you can attended unlimited CrossFit classes: 5/21 - 7/15,
  • Final Body comp screening: Weekend of 7/13 - 7/15
  • Location: Online and at CFTC
  • Online nutrition calculator, tracker, and other resources will be given to those that sign up.

  • A daily tracking and scoring system will be given to participants.


Challenge sign up will close on 5/16!
Click here to sign up: 8 Week Challenge - $365.00