Head Coach Alvaro

Level 2 CrossFit Coach

Alvaro has been coaching CrossFit with us since March of 2016. Originally from Mallorca, Spain, he is a Master of Music (voice) recipient from University of Maryland, who believes the functional nature of CrossFit workouts benefits any physical activity, including singing.

His goal as a CrossFit instructor is to give you a foundation of knowledge to move efficiently, safely, and intelligently. As children we move freely though life, jumping, throwing, sprinting, falling – his desire is to give you back that freedom.


Marcus is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) with CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit Gymnastics certificates, after beginning CrossFit training in 2008 when he was looking for something that could combine running and lifting in a more effectively. With a family history of diabetes and heart troubles, Marcus is interested in getting people fit, but at the same time, with a brother who is an Army Sapper, Marcus knows that beyond being fit, the body is capable of amazing things. Have fun, track your progress and see what your body is capable of. A high school track and tennis athlete, Marcus continues to run in races and participate in CF events around the area.


Dennis is a Level 1 CrossFit Instructor and a CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer. Coming to this sport late in life, Dennis proof that you’re never too old to start your fitness journey and that there are incredible positive mental and physical benefits experiences that CrossFit opens the door to. CrossFit has not only increased Dennis' physical fitness level but it has helped him to regain self-confidence and sense of adventure. Dennis started CrossFit as a diversion from a toxic work environment; after a few months of CrossFit, he found myself applying mental techniques that I used to get through WODs to his workday. Dennis decided to become a coach because he wanted to share his enthusiasm for CrossFit, to continue to grow our community while maintaining the standards CrossFit is known for, and to be the best ambassador for this lifestyle as possible. Dennis also wants to reach-out to the (growing) market of 50+ year-olds and show them this is a viable fitness regime that will allow them to have a healthier and more enriched lifestyle.


Nathan began CrossFit as a means to begin a healthy life. Spending countless hours at a local gym trying to gain strength and stamina, all the work produced minimal results. Curious about high intensity functional movements he found a trial for a new routine called CrossFit. He signed up, attended his first class, and after 3,2,1 STOP there was an addicting feeling of adrenaline, fatigue and accomplishment. He was hooked on the first 12 minute AMRAP.

Fast forwarding to the present, Nathan is a CrossFit L-1 Trainer, who strives to provide a positive learning experience with a unique energy and flair in each class. He believes that CrossFit movements truly translate to any sport, activity, or life endeavor.