August Paleo Challenge - 2019

What is this about?

We are going to have a streamlined Paleo Challenge in August. There will be more involved diet challenges in the future. In an effort to meet multiple recent requests for diet help, we're kicking this off as soon as possible.

Why are we doing a Paleo challenge?

Similar to challenges like whole30 - the Paleo way of eating focuses on eliminating foods linked to inflammation and encourages eating whole, unprocessed foods. By following an elimination diet it will be easier to find the foods which your body processes well once the challenge is over. We recommend eating a lot of colorful vegetables during the challenge followed with lean meats (fish, chicken) and healthy fats.

When is it?

The challenge will start on 8/4 and last for 4 weeks. Last day of the challenge is 8/31.

Who can participate?

This is free for all members and anyone our members want to share this with. Spouses, coworkers, friends, whomever you'd like. If you're a one time drop-in or a previous member, you're still welcome to use this remotely.

How do I join?

Click this link and fill out the form between now and 8/3. This will enter you into the challenge. You cannot join if you don't make an entry on the form before 8/3. You must submit the form between now and 8/3 to join!

How do I play?

Each team member will click this link and submit the form every day. Until 8/3, entries will only be used to identify team members and won't count towards your team's score. Only entries 8/4-8/31 will count towards your team's score. Use this time to practice the good habit of clicking the link every day. During 8/4-8/31, if you don't submit an entry, your team loses those points.

How does the challenge work?

Every day each team member is given 10 points. If you avoid eating all of the listed food, do the WOD, report your score, & weigh yourself, and submit the form that same day, you keep all of your 10 points. The team with the most points on 8/31 wins.

What if I break a rule?

You lose one point. Expect to break rules. No one goes into this and gets 100%. Plan cheat days with your team. Be honest with yourself and on the form. We live in a world that pushes and addicts us to unhealthy things. The main objective to this challenge is to show you how much conscious effort it takes to eat healthy. Don't beat yourself up. We aren't asking you to be monks. The goal is to learn how to pay attention to exactly what you put in your body and understanding the effects.

What if there isn't a WOD like some Sundays?

You can elect to lose the point or do your own WOD which you must list in your score. Honor code. Getting groceries is not a WOD... Not listing what you did will also be marked as not a WOD.

Rules of this Challenge

  • Don't eat anything with added sugar.

  • Don't eat anything with preservatives.

  • Don't consume alcohol.

  • Don't eat any grains.

  • Don't eat any legumes.

  • Don't consume any dairy.

  • Don't eat white potatoes.

  • Do the WOD.

  • Report your WOD score.

  • Weigh yourself.


Do you want to get leaner, faster, & stronger? Do you need help being held accountable? Click this link at the end of every day(start tonight!) and submit your answers. More emails with instructions & details will follow.

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