CFTC Gymnast

The CFTC Gymnast class meets once per week at our CFTC location in Vienna, VA. CFTC Gymnast focuses on preparing members to improve the technically difficult gymnastics movements often found in CrossFit. This class is perfect preparation for the 2020 Open which kicks off in October. Practice is key in learning and refining movements like toes to bar, pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand holds and handstand walks. If you want to get back to the basics to feel confident with these challenging skills, this is the perfect class for you. We hope you can join us!

  • Dates: First 6-week cycle: 9/10 - 10/15

    • Focus on pulling movements (toes to bar, pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, intro to handstands)

  • Times: Tuesdays, 7PM (if you’re interested but would prefer an alternate time, let us know)

  • Price: $30 per month members, $52 per month non-members

  • Note: Sign up at any point during the cycle

  • Additional access - gymnastics club members can get 24/7 access to the gym (open gym outside of class times) at a reduced rate. Message if you would like to combine these options.

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Personalized Coaching

The standard CFTC group class strives to create general physical preparedness, and these classes are created for everyone. With gymnastics, however, we are all starting at a different place in our strength, mobility, and technique. Each CFTC Gymnast session will be led by a CrossFit/CrossFit Gymnastics coach with programs created by our staff. Each week will have time and small classes to allow for personalized drills and instruction as well as pointers to work on drills outside of class.

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Progressive Cycles

CFTC Gymnast will program on 6-week cycles, shifting our focus from one cycle to the next. This allows us to benchmark our capabilities at the end of the cycle so that we can measure progress more effectively. Progress will be measured with a mixture of virtuosity (moving well) and capacity for strength-based movements (maximum number of reps). It can be a grind to show up every week and feel like you’re doing the same thing every time. With 6-week cycles it also allows us to add variance to the programming with a specific programming focus for 6 weeks.


Dedicated Equipment

As CFTC Gymnast grows, we will invest in dedicated equipment needed for gymnastics-specific drills.

We will continue to improve the equipment available, and the more people who show up, the faster we can make these changes.

Gymnastics-specific equipment:

  • Padded floors to build confidence in new positions

  • Floor sliders for various drills

  • 5 sets of rings, 5 muscle-up bars

  • Future: Ring assistance counter-weights (ring thing)