Level-Up Your Skills

If you’ve been stuck at the same scaling option for months or can’t increase your running speed no matter how hard you try, focused practice and drills to work on are the most efficient way to break through a plateau. We realize not everyone needs a long-term training plan, just a little boost to level-up. Skill areas to improve include:

  • Bar Muscle-Up

  • 5K or 10K Improvement

  • Strict Pull-Up

  • Handstand Hold, Push-Up or Walk Improvement

  • For lifting improvements, see CFTC LIFT

Click below to let us know your interest and a free strict pull-up progression.

Private Training Skill Development.png

Personal Progressions

The first session will include an evaluation of where you are in the skill development and measurement of your current abilities. We’ll also give an estimate of how long it will take to reach your skill goal and adjust the time between sessions accordingly. For each package, the duration will be at most two months.

In-Person Private Sessions

Based on your current strengths and weaknesses, we will work on a variety of progressions and scaling options to build capacity in your chosen area. Each session is 45 minutes long.

At-Home Drills

In addition to the in-person sessions, you will be provided with individual drills to work on in your own time

Measurable Progress Checks

During each session, we’ll provide you with a clear idea of how you’re progressing either through video or other measurements. We will ensure that by the last session you’ll be satisfied with the progress you’ve made.


  • 5K/10K Improvement or Strict Pull-Up Improvement: $150 (4 sessions)

  • Bar Muscle-Up or Handstand Improvement: $200 (5 sessions)

  • If multiple people are interested, there is a discount offered per person

  • Current CFTC members receive a discount