Nutrition Offerings

Nutrition Tracking & Accountability

In 2019 we will be providing nutrition guidance and accountability for those who are interested. As we lay out this offering, we’d love to know what specific questions or help you’d like with nutrition. We envision the following options:

  • 10-day evaluation - track what you eat for 10 days and receive a one-time prescription for areas to adjust with a follow-up discussion 20 days later

  • Ongoing accountability - be paired with a nutrition mentor for weekly check-ins and daily access to have your questions answered for 30, 60 or 90 days

In general, CFTC focuses on the following starting point for nutrition but we know that everyone is different:

  • Body measurement we have partnered with CompositionID in the past to provide detailed body composition analysis. However, body measurement doesn’t have to be that complicated. Whether you take measurements (arm, leg, hips, chest), step on a scale, or have an at-home body percentage reader, beginning with your measurements is the best way to track progress and stay accountable.

  • Log food in myfitnesspal (iphone | android) - the only way to know what to adjust is to record what you’re eating. After some time, the food recording can relax, but our nutrition mentors must have an accurate account of your macro and micronutrients (like fiber) in order to make informed adjustments. Just like you wouldn’t go to the mechanic without your odometer reading and crash history, you can’t approach nutrition without some data to make improvements. We will be working on an easy way to take what’s entered in myfitnesspal and make it available to your nutrition mentor.

  • Use macros to eat in the proper ratios at every meal or snack. Keep your target macro breakdown within 10% for carb/protein/fat macros based on starting calculator (choose % body fat, moderate activity level, and high protein options). Nutrition mentors will walk through exactly what the breakdwons mean for you.

  • Drink at least one third of your body weight in ounces of water daily

  • Avoid added sweeteners, alcohol or bad oils for the best results

  • Enjoy the food you crave 1-2 times per week. If you’re craving something, give your body a treat, but understand that sleep, hydration, and macros come before satisfying any craving

  • Weekly recording of progress photos and measurements - we will make this easy to coordinate for those who interested

  • Get an accountability mentor - whether it’s a formal nutrition mentor or a friend, we work best in teams and when we’re striving for an attainable goal. CFTC will coordinate accountability tracking in the weeks to come.

  • Periodic tips, recipes and nutrition info shared here


Cost: $TBD - to make body composition screening and monitoring of progress by a nutrtition mentor, there will be some additional cost that is still being worked out. However, better nutrition leads to better fitness leads to better health leads to reduced medical expenses, so keep this in mind when considering revamping your approach to nutrition.

Food Delivery

Does all of this tracking sound too hard and you just want ready-made meals accessible to you? We partner with Territory Foods for meal delivery to the CFTC with the ability to pick up food once or twice per week. The food is fresh and meets all of the guidelines outlined above.