• Blue - David, Dennis, Andrew, Allen, Sandra, Vivian, Meg, Colin, Aimee

  • Green - Fara, Magdi, Kelly, Patrick, Marcus, Brandon, Ilton, Daphne

  • Silver - Drew, Curt, Juan, Philip, Sarah, Chase, Jane, Tory, Jeremy

2019 CrossFit Open at CFTC

Welcome!  This page has been setup for the CFTC athletes that are interested in participating in the 2019 CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Open workouts will be scored Fridays 2/22 - 3/22 at 7:30PM at CFTC. As needed, makeup sessions will be Saturdays at 10:30AM.

Scored workouts will be a small fee for members ($49) plus optional registration.

This includes:

  • Coach-led scored sessions

  • CFTC CrossFit Open t-shirt

  • Final end-of-Open celebration

  • 2 competitor’s skill sessions, dates/times TBD

  • 1 future skill or CFTC LIFT session of your choice

  • Individual feedback on areas to improve based on CFTC benchmarks

Drop-ins are welcome. A single scored session is $25. Non-member sign up which includes all of the above is $75.

New this year!

We will be organizing teams to have a fiendly internal competition throughout the Open. Teams are there to encourage camaraderie and support throughout the 5 weeks. If you’re interested in being a team captain, let us know.

Team point system

  • 1 point for each workout completed

  • 3 points for athlete in top 2 - based on Games leaderboard (takes into account age divisions)

  • 3 points for top scaled athlete

  • 5 points - spirit of the open award each week (1 awarded each week total)

  • Bonus points - max 1/2 each person each week

    • 1/4 point wear CFTC apparel

    • 1/4 point social media post tag @crossfittysons (facebook or instagram)

Highest point team wins a celebration happy hour, team trophy and stickers for each teammate

  • Blue team (#moveliftplay #bluecftc for leaderboard tracking)

  • Green team (#moveliftplay #greencftc for leaderboard tracking)

  • White team (#moveliftplay #whitecftc for leaderboard tracking)

Team captains and team members selected by 2/20, the start of the Open.

Open Skill Sessions - Saturday Mornings

Skill session 1 2/1/19- Open-specific skills

  • Handstand walking

  • Barbell pacing

  • Burpee technique

  • Rowing starts

  • Sample past Open workout

Skill session 2 2/8/19 - Open-specific strategy

  • Breathing

  • Working out with your judge

  • strategy for repeating workouts

  • Sample past Open workout

19.1 Tips:

  • Stay tuned for individual workout tips

CrossFit Open 2019 (1).png

The Details

The CrossFit Open begins at the end of February, and here are the details relevant to CFTC.

What is the CrossFit Open?

A chance to test your level of fitness in a series of 5 workouts that the worldwide CrossFit community will participate in. CFTC has participated for the last 6 years and it's a great, fun (voluntary) way to test your fitness. The video below gives some more details.  


Anyone who wants an extra challenge and the ability to be a part of a worldwide CrossFit event for 5 weeks.


  1. Register by clicking the “Member Sign Up” button above

  2. Fill out a brief survey

  3. Optional, but highly encouraged: register at ($20 fee)


5-week Rx & scaled workouts. The CrossFit Open is a chance to test your level of fitness in a series of 5 workouts that the worldwide CrossFit community will participate in. Although the atmosphere is more competitive, at CFTC we encourage the main competition to be proving to yourself what you are capable of and tracking the progress you've made.


The regular Friday classes will be the Open workouts (modified if necessary) but not scored.  If you want your workout scored you can attend a special 7:30PM class on Fridays from 2/22 - 3/22.  Each week, the workout will be released on Thursday night at The scored workouts will be performed outside of normal class times because sometimes there are specific equipment needs and space restrictions that don't lend themselves to a normal class.  


It's fun and a challenge! We already have 5 people signed up and it's a great way to get to know people outside of your normal class times.

Hope you can join us. Contact if you have any questions.

Remember, Fridays we will be performing a modified version of the Open workout. This is a chance for everyone at the gym to get a taste of what these workouts are like (very similar to our normal workouts of the day). However, it will give those interested in being scored on Friday evening a chance to practice the movements at reduced loads and scale. The Friday workouts WILL NOT be officially judged, so if you register, please plan to come on Fridays at 7:30PM. If you cannot make this time, contact Dennis or Marcus to discuss a make-up time.