Private Training

Private Training has the advantage of focusing on targeted goals designed from the ground up for the individuals taking those sessions.  Private Training sessions can be scheduled for individuals that want one-on-one training and it can also be scheduled for small groups that have similar goals.  Pricing and scheduling are set for each individual.  Below are some examples of what you could make your Private Training focus on:

·       New to fitness or CrossFit

Whether you have been working out in the past or not you may be more comfortable in a smaller setting while being introduced to CrossFit.  Scheduling Private Training will give you the advantage of being the only focus of the coach in a quiet and dedicated atmosphere.

·       You have specific health or fitness goals

If you’d like to train for a specific milestone, event or have a weight or body type goal please contact us.  We can design Private Training sessions that will put you on the path to meeting your goals.

·       Injury recovery

Movement is of paramount importance.  Being able to move your body is what keeps you happy and healthy.  If you have any range of movement limitations, avoid a specific kind of movement due to pain, or have chronic pain we want to help you overcome those obstacles.  If you are unable to do certain exercises due to an injury we can also design programming that avoids those exercises until you are recovered.  Keep moving and keep playing!

·       You have been invited

If you have tried group classes with us or with anyone else and you have been invited to book Private Training sessions please tell us.  We want to ensure that the experience you get is beneficial for you.

If any of this sounds interesting to you or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our contact information is on the right side of the page. We look forward to hearing from you!

If it’s your first time setting up private training, please share your goals prior to


Additional Details

Although the sessions will focus primarily on executing a workout correctly, there needs to be attention to three areas:

1) Training - the focus of the sessions

2) Nutrition - guidance will be given for maximum results

3) Recovery - guidance will be given for improved sleep and stretches to be done outside of the training sessions.

Everyone who has a desire to be fitter has the capacity to do so. If you're willing to listen and learn with patience, then I am ready and excited to work with you. No prior exercise or sports experience is necessary. I am particularly excited for those looking to improve their running times (from a novice or intermediate level) by incorporating cross-training.

We create a program for you

Our approach is to understand your goals first and adjust our personal training programming accordingly. The process for working with a new client is the following:

  1. Initial meeting and movement assessment. Take baseline measurements or a baseline workout: $80 price applies to overall session schedule if agreed to

  2. Agree to a block of sessions and a rough schedule -hourly rate is between $65 - 85 depending on the number and duration of sessions

  3. Walk through a series of foundation movements spread across the agreed upon number of sessions

  4. During each session, build on the foundation movements learned to date focusing on consistency of movement and adding intensity when able

  5. Track progress and re-assess baseline measurements and goals

Small group classes for a lower individual rate

If you're concerned about the cost of private training, grab a friend or two and the individual training rate will be lower for everyone. CFTC is happy to work with groups of 3 or fewer as long as we can get everyone's schedules to align.

Certifications and Experience 

Our trainers have a wealth of experience and personal training will come from our most experienced staff with a sample resume of:

  • 2+ years offering personal training

  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT), which requires 750+ hours of coaching

  • 5+ years as a group fitness trainer at a local gym

  • CPR certified

  • CrossFit Endurance certification

  • CrossFit Gymnastics certification

Our Approach

1: Skills and Strength
Each session will contain skill or strength work in gymnastics, olympic lifting or powerlifting. The focus of this component is breaking down a skill into its component parts and paying attention to form.

2: Conditioning
The conditioning piece of journeyWOD involves a combination of the skills learned completed with high intensity. The more work you can do in a given amount of time, the greater your conditioning.

3: Sprinting
To get the maximum benefit from each session, this component focuses on speed for one movement - running, rowing, biking, jump rope, etc. The effort is all-out with full recovery between sets.


Sample Client Profiles

  • I was athletic in the past, but have had a surgery or life obstacle that has set me back further than I realized

  • I'm scared and just want to start from scratch without worrying about other gym people seeing me

  • I have a special event (wedding, first race, important meeting) and I want to improve my aesthetics specifically for that event

Note: 45 min sessions can also be purchased for a reduced rate

  • 3 sessions - $5 off

  • 6 sessions - 5% off

  • 10 sessions - 10% off

  • Custom packages can be created to combine personal training with Group Classes

Sample Training Day

All exercises will be modified based on the capabilities and goals of the client. However, a sample training day is below to give an idea of the scope and style of the training sessions available:

Warm-Up: Functional Fitness Warm-Up

3 Rounds:

  • Samson Stretch - 15 sec. each leg

  • 10 PVC Overhead Squats (sub: stand up from a Box or Bench)

  • 10 Sit-Ups

  • 10 Back Extensions

  • 10 Ring Rows

  • 10 Push-Ups (sub: Push-Ups on a Box or Bench)

1 - Skill: Overhead Squats

Focus on keeping torso upright and weight in heels

  • PVC Overhead Squats against rack (sub: review squat form from a box or bench)

  • Advanced: Single Leg (Overhead) Squat

  • Overhead Squats 3 x 3

2 - Conditioning: AMRAP 20 Minutes

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes. Focus on moving smoothly and consistently without breaking up the reps for each movement.

  • 7 Front Squats (40% 1RM) (sub: squat a light kettlebell)

  • 10 KB Swings (53/35) (sub: reduce weight)

  • 10 Box Jumps (20"/16") (sub: Box Step-Ups)

3 - Sprinting: All-Out efforts

The goal is to get to your max speed as quickly as possible

  • 5 x 40m Sled Pull (135/95) (sub: reduce weight)