Revive: Mobility & Recovery

A once per month mobility classes will be offered beginning Fall 2019


Increase mobility and range of motion

CrossFit Tysons places a focus on mechanics of movement, and mechanics (how to move correctly) is preceded by sufficient range of motion to complete an exercise. Revive sessions will use active stretching, trigger point techniques, banded distraction and light resistance to work on positions where athletes typically struggle.

Common areas to address include:

  • Hips

  • Shoulders

  • Ankles

  • Thoracic spine (upper back)

  • Wrists

  • Elbows

If you would like to work on a specific area, let the coach know and we will work it into the programming for the future.


Improve recovery

We spend all day sitting, responding to stress after stress only to get beat up by the day’s workout without taking time to stretch and recover. A portion of the Revive class will be devoted to holding some static poses. Some sample stretches include:

  • Pigeon hold

  • Seated forward fold

  • Couch stretch

  • Upper arm stretching


Class structure

  • Revive portion (20 minutes):

    • 5-10 minutes: Active stretching

    • 5-10 minutes: Mobility tests

    • 5-10 minutes: Static recovery stretches

  • Remaining: An additional time period to complete the Workout of the Day