Corporate Wellness

Our mission is to get our adults to be the best version of themselves. We’ve found that improving your fitness is often the quickest path to this goal, and we can’t wait to bring you along for the ride. CFTC offers on-site classes, off-site demos, and private corporate classes in our custom CrossFit facility. Our coaches have been proving their abilities to get people off the couch to their first pull-up, from staring at the screen to celebrating their first 5K. 

These sessions have been great. Every session I have so much anxiety and self-doubt about whether I’ll be able to do it, but CFTC is so encouraging and makes me feel so successful each time! I know I have a long way to go but wow – I am amazed at the fact that I am doing this.


Live life more fully.

Live life more fully.

We'll Come to You

We’ll meet you where you are both in the physical and athletic sense. Never exercised before? Current athlete? No matter where you’re at, we offer coaching and a variety of movements found in everyday life that will improve your body composition and general fitness.


One-Time CrossFit Demo

Want to give your employees a taste of CrossFit or have a unique team-building experience without the pressures of a long-term commitment? We offer one-time on site events on your corporate campus. We will work with you to create a session that meets your goals with the basic format:

  • 60-90 minute session
  • Learn sample CrossFit foundation movements
  • Learn the basics of CrossFit methodology
  • Perform a team-building exercise through spotting (with our trainers) for accomplishments like getting your first push-up or handstand
  • CrossFit-lite equipment for a less intimidating experience (kettlebells, jumpropes, etc. - no barbells)
  • On-site events are possible with discussion

Rates start at $25 per employee. All rates negotiable.


Private CrossFit Class at CFTC

We offer private CrossFit Classes that make full use of our dedicated CrossFit facility so that your employees can experience CrossFit with teammates they already know. These classes are arranged in 5-week blocks with the first 2 weeks dedicated to foundational instruction. These classes feature:

  • Dedicated trainer for the class
  • Heart rate monitoring using Wodify's Pulse technology for additional feedback on your workout
  • Available time slots: 7:30PM weekdays
  • Limited class size up to 10 people

Rates start at $20 per employee per session. All rates negotiable.


Health Fair Mini CrossFit Classes

Want to have something new at your wellness fair this year? A mini fitness class led by CrossFit trainers is a great way to get a little sweat mid-day and learn about the basics of training. A sample wellness package could include:

  • 2-4 hour time commitment
  • Mini-workouts offered every 30 minutes with warm-up, teaching, a short workout and short explanation of CrossFit methodology
  • Equipment brought to your facility (kettlebells, jumpropes, etc.)
  • Safe challenges like fastest to pull a sled or fastest up the stairs to provide confidence that we all have what it takes to increase our fitness

Rates start at $300 for a 2-hour session. All rates negotiable.

Private Training Discounts

We offer a 25% reduction from our published private training rate for corporate clients who sign up for training for 2 or more people. Private training is a chance to cater a series of sessions for a client's goals including nutrition, mobility and fitness coaching.

Employee Membership Discounts

Depending on the number of candidate employees, we already offer discounts to employers in the area such as Freddie Mac and Navy Federal Credit Union. We'd love to extend membership discounts to your employees as well. Current discounts are 5-20% off the normal monthly unlimited CrossFit rate ($175 per month). Discounts could be offered to employees directly or memberships paid by the company with a much higher discount. All rates negotiable.