Yoga classes at CFTC

We are happy to announce our Yoga classes!

Find our available yoga classes listed below.  Reservations are required 24 hours prior to the class!  Click on one of the options below to reserve a spot in a class.  If you have any questions, please email us first(!

Registering for a single class is $20.  We have package options listed below.

All existing CFTC membership packages can be applied to or used for yoga classes.  Each yoga class attendance equals one CrossFit class attendance.  Please click on any of the options below if you wish to purchase classes.

If you already have a CFTC membership or if you have just purchased a package and want to attend a yoga class, please log into and click on "Calendar."  From there, set "Coach:" to "Sasha Hanway", set the date you'd like to attend, and you'll be displayed a list of her available times.  Please click on the calendar icon next to the time you wish to reserve.  That's it!  Then all you have to do is show up and log in at the gym like a regular CFTC class.

Current Schedule -
(click on the date to purchase a spot)

May 31st, Wednesday 7:30PM
June 1st, Thursday 7:30PM
June 4th, Sunday 12PM

Package of 3* - $50   *Note, these expire after 1 month if not used.
Package of 7* - $85   *Note, these expire after 2 months if not used.
Package of 25* - $200   *Note, these expire after 6 months if not used.